Beyond The Visions Of Many.

No one among us able to experiment on his/her heart by holding it on a hand. And most of people we prefers to be giant-genius are full of worse statements pulling most of us toward their end of visions. However, in this earth have had never happened a so called genius rather a so called philosopher. Let’s agree that philosophers views hold minds of many, and again think against, asking  ‘Doesn’t a philosopher suffer from any form of ignorance anyway?’.

I don’t agree anybody calling you a tabula rasa. If you don’t believe it just ask any called genius to tell you the beginning and ends, the earth measures. I don’t guess but I’m sure no one able to measure. To sum-up the reality, those called genius think on the way that most falls and come  with a discovery as a conclusion.  In fact all of us are genius and since geniusness comes from the brain, then we differs.

We differ in terms of thinking and reasoning, and any if think more win the majority who lags behind. As a consequence, the ones who lags behind refers him/her a genius. None I can mention as a genius of mine rather I can mention a philosopher, the one most think is.

What I mean, is that, and this is what I mean. No one remember till when his/her senses start their functions on the external world which actually is full of intuits and imaginations of the already gone heads.

However, again the genius shows their inferior when they believes in GOD (as me) or gods to some. This generalizes that, as it seems true, no genius before THE MOST POWERFUL KING, GOD. Again, however, have any genius lived to all generations, or is there any today? No, there are philosophers.

The reality is that everyone can concentrate on him/herself but never touch the visions of the other rather fells their pleasure when expressed. Philosophers use to think what is within them and to us and guess what is really to talk and what can rule the generation to come.

It is interesting to know that philosophy is both art and again science. ‘Whatever a man think can, comes by effort’ is what I can say. And this two, there is an uniqueness. Art is more insolent while Science is more feasible, actually are all forms of knowledge and that is their similarity.

Science which looks at least powerfully, is not in such, as deals only with  what is visible but never deal the invisibles. You’re nothing if your brain removed or dominated by other brain but you’re complex if you’re able to deal your brain and of another.

I has never think and agree any view contradicting GOD and this is my ever end weakness in this life and the other. But no one to shake my weakness as I know your weakness, that you who are against me are of gods.

And what I can say, And I say GOD manages whatever we depends even the gods of others, if are there anyway. Things Destructs But Soul Dies.That is the different. Ask any genius you think have been lived the earth and who you can not found again anymore ‘where is he/she now’ and ‘is there philosophy after death’, try cause you may get answered by your own reasoning.

I expect more philosophies from you and actually all who may go against our reality GOD, WHO is their CREATOR. May you shake my weakness and chase Me from what I considered to be my weakness, though is;       MY PROUD. Try!

Abbas G. Ngika, 22 PM Sunday 23th June,2013.


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