Life As I see

Life is an exceptionally excel of all what has the capacity to appraise and react against the environment. Though life never revert after perish in the physical world, Life revert in the spiritual sphere. Life could never necessarily means the biological characteristics of the living organism rather the ‘Capacity of the creature to isolate itself from what doesn’t have had life’. I mean to be living you need to know what does not live. If life is eating, respiring, moving, and irritability ‘what do we say to the forms of life such as pupa of insect which doesn’t eat or bacterial spores/elementary bodies that are either biologically inactive but infective’.

Life is defined at the level of personal understanding. We may define what’s life at the mid of our ignorance and intelligence, I mean at our reasoning capacity. No head knows not only what is life but also what’s the origin of the earth. This however and specifically has no sense if all the questions are answered by giving ‘GOD’ be the origin of both the earth and Life.

Life is what you do in a day and never end when you leave the earth. One may ask how do we know ‘Life after death?’ without asking him/herself ‘how do we sure we were alive before birth?’. GOD is the only one to answer all of the question.

If death is the inverse of life, how their related. Are they directly or indirectly proportionally related?. If you ask such question you are confused ‘of poor brain’ since life is what you perceive the environment. If your brain is able to think that the universe contain environment that you may sense or react toward, you’re able to acquire spiritual knowledge ‘of the coming environment after the earth’.

Birth is the portal of entry into the earth but death is the portal of entry into external life. You need none about worry, suicide, and evil-think but only holy faith that ‘GOD CAN’. If life is when I’m able to react to the environment, then is the  ‘Most accurate definition of Life I’m convinced to assimilate’. You never know if I know but I know We know, Is what I can tell you.

Give GOD all your Life, Is WHOM HE CAN. HE CAN define your life, solve your ambiguity and guide you enter the most unbelievable HEAVENLY KINGDOM that comes.

Abbas G. Ngika, 1:54:30AM Sunday, 1 December, 2013.

Vigorously Genius Thinks.


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