Virology Mcqs

1. Picornaviruses are

a. Small virus of about 28-30nm

b. Icosahedral capsid virus

c. Non-enveloped

d. +ve sense, ssRNA

e. All of the above

2. Two clinical  important groups of picornaviruses are

a. Coxsakieviruses

b. Rhinoviruses

c. Enteroviruses

d. a and b

e. b and c

3. One is Incorrect about Enteroviruses

a. Coxsakieviruses serotype A=1-22 and 24

b. Polioviruses serotype 1-3

c. Coxsakieviruses serotype B=1-6

d. Enteroviruses serotype 68-71

e. Echoviruses serotype 1-34 excluding 10,21 and 24.

4. Incorrect sequence is

a. Enteroviruses———–37’c optimum growth temp

b. Enteroviruses———–acid labile

c. Rhinoviruses———–33’c optimum growth temp

d. Hepangina————-Coxsakievirus serotype A

e. Rhinoviruses———-more than 100 serotype

5. The most pathogenic poliovirus serotype is

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. 4

e. 5

6. Most notable pathogenesis of Coxsakievirus serotype B

a. Aseptic pneumonia

b. Hepangina

c. Aseptic meningitis

d. Poliomyelitis

e. Acute hemorrhagic conjuctivitis

7. Polio vaccine that induce local and sysemic immunity is

a. OPV

b. IPV

c. MMR

d. a and b

e.  Non of these

8. New enteroviruses are serotype

a. 6-22

b. 68-71

c. 1-6

d. 34-70

e. 70-71

9. Potent pathogenic enterovirus serotype

a. 68

b. 69

c. 70

d. 71

e. All of these

10. Causative agent of the Acute Hemorrhagic conjuctivitis epidermic in 1969-1974

a. Enterovirus serotype 70

b. Coxsakievirus serotype A

c. Coxsakievirus serotype B=1-6

d. Enterrovirus serotype 68-71

e. None of these

11. One is false about echoviruses

a. They are human Orphan viruses

b. More than 30 serotypes are known

c. May cause Aseptic meningitis and / Acute hemorrhagic conjuctivitis

d. Heat labile viruses

e. Acid satable viruses






Answers: 1.e 2.e 3.e 4.b 5.b 6.c 7.a 8.b 9.d 10.a 11. d


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