Helminthes Mcqs

1.Man acts as the only host in
a. Strongyloidiasis
b. Trichinosis
c. Enterobiasis
d. Ascariasis
e. Trichiuriasis
2. Dysentery is common in
a. Ascaris lumbricoides
b. Trichinella spilaris
c. Enterobius vermicularis
d. Trichuris trichiura
e. Dracuncularis medinensis
3. Cutaneous larva migrans are all of, except
a. Strongyloides stercolaris
b. Ancylostoma braziliense
c. Ancylostoma caninum
d. Necator americanus
e. None of these
4. Choose the ‘old one out’
a. W.bancrofti
b. B.malayi
c. O.vulvulus
d. M.streptocerca
e. D.medinensis
5. Incorrect pair
a. W.bancrofti—–>Mansonia mosquito
b. D.medinensis—->copepod
c. M.streptocerca–>midge culicoides
d. B.malayi——–>anopheles mosquito
e. O.vulvulus——>simulium blackfly
6. Rectal prolapse is a pathogenesis of
a. T.spiralis
b. T.canis
c. T.cati
d. T.trichiura
e. None of these
7. Ovo-vivipoporous common in
a. Strongyloides stercolaris
b. Trichuris trichiura
c. Trichinella spiralis
d. Enterobius vermicularis
e. Ascaris lumbricoides
8. bipolar plugs, Champagne cork, barrel shaped egg of
a. Ascaris lumbricoides
b. Enterobius vermicularis
c. Strongyloides stercolaris
d. Trichnella spiralis
e. Trchuris trichiura
9. Incorrect order
a. A.lumbricoides——>round worm
b. T.trichiura———>whip worm
c. D.medinensis——–>guinea worm
d. E.vermicularis——>pin worm
e. M.ozzardi———–>hook worm
10. W.bancrofti is associated with
a. Chyluria
b. Hydrocele
c. Elephatiasis of the scrotum
d. All of the above
e. a and b only

11. One commonly doesn’t found in blood
a. L.loa
b. B.malayi
c. W.bancrofti
d. M.ozzardi
e. M.streptocerca
12. Visceral larva migrans are
a. T.caninum
b. T.cati
c. T.canis
c. a and c
d. b and c
e. a,b and c
13. In Tanzania the drug of choice against Onchocerciasis is/are
a. Mebendazole
b. Thiabendazole
c. Ivermectin
d. Albendazole
e. c and d
14. Hyper-infection is associated with
a. T.trichiura
b. S.stercolaris
c. E.vermicularis
d. A.lumbricoides
e. D.medinensis
15.Segmented egg, the egg of
a. Round worm
b. Hook worm
c. Pin worm
d. Guinea worm
d. Whip worm
e. Serpent worm
16.Xenodiagnosis is possible in
a. Trichinosis
b. Ascariasis
c. Trichiuriasis
d. Strongyloidiasis
e. Toxociasis
17.Hyperpigmentation in Onchocerciasis results into
a. Malabar sign
b. Calabar swelling
c. Blindness
d. Lizard skin
e. Nodule formation
18.Calabar swelling
a. L.loa
b. O.vulvulus
c. W.bancrofti
d. B.malayi
e. M.perstans
19.All are true about W.bancrofti except
a. Sheathed
b. Spaced nuclei
c. Countable nuclei
d. Lymphatic filariasis
e. None of these
20.The morphological difference between W.bancrofti and B.malayi is/are
a. Chyluria
b. Hydrocele
c. Sub-terminal nuclei
d. Sheathed
e. Nocturnal periodicity
21.The only one Helminthes with larvae in stool
a. S.stercolaris
b. A.lumbricoides
c. T.trichiura
d. E.vermicularis
e. T.spiralis
22.Parthenogenesis associated with
a. S.stercolaris
b. A.lumbricoides
c. T.trichiura
d. E.vermicularis
e. T.spiralis
23.Egg in stool uncommon in
a. Trichinosis
b. Enterobiasis
c. Ascariasis
d. Strongylodiasis
e. Ancylostomiasis
24.Flattened on one side egg of
a. A.lumbricoides
b. A.duodenale
c. T.trichiura
d. T.spiralis
e. E.vermicularis
25. Incorrect order
a. Loa loa——–>chrysops
b. D.medinensis—>cyclops
c. M.ozzardi——>culicoides
d. O.vulvulus—–>simulium
e. M.timori——->aedes

Answers: 1.c 2.d 3.d 4.e 5.a 6.d 7.a 8.e 9.e 10.c 11.e 12.d 13.e 14. b 15.b 16.a 17.d 18.a 19.e 20.c 21.a 22.a 23.b 24.e 25.e


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