The Three Laws Of Success

Do we all remember, The Time. The Time when we moved even 2m afar we were caught. The Time when everything we think were dependent. The Time when everyone considered us learners. When we were together with no thought of interest rather than home loving. I mean, The Time when we were babies.

It doesn’t matter how long we spend the journey during that Time, It reached a Time when we become free from a free-fair domination of our parents. Things changed to the extent that our parents are enjoying the course of The Time. The Time when we handle our parent in an approximate the same way as handled us through the free-fair domination.

There is no way our parents can enjoy our domination with us having no success in life. We should have got a Law of success that governs us and acts as a Key To Success. Though we both remember the course we followed during the long way to maturity, we will always retain the desire to take hold in running the life our parents whenever they retires from their domination. Without doubting the past, we have all the reasons to do so. If always we have such a desire ”The Success” will desire us.

If You Think You Can Get It You Have It. This is the first law of success. From being called a baby to a child then a boy/girl then to a man/woman you should have applied this Law before you are called a grandfather/grandmother. The Law comes with strength of achievement when applied earlier in the childhood when we are under five. Schooling with an aim and working with an interest are the strategies to confer the Law.

Making the present think the past a little more than the future success becomes the result. The Time, Past is the Time of preparation with the present being the action and the future the plan. The thing to do is to act on satiety only that the future will supports to Success. This is how the Law works and remains with you in failures. Anything you loose three times you fails, it has no chance to success than that remains with you nine times you fails. That is to say any action you take that resists failures three times than that failed to resist failure three times, is the best solution to take you to the near future before you apply the next. This is the 3X3 principle of success specifically I Offers  Be  Applied. It has more to do with Us All, It has Its Time To Spend Before It ends into Success with a little of chaos.

If You Are Not Afraid Of Challenges GOD Becomes The Best Solution. No success that follows a straight line of no failure but aimed results. There is no way somebody to hold you when you face challenges because him/herself is in the same journey. Only GOD watch our journey and knows whatever action we take to unseen outcomes. You Have To Apply anything but not everything because some are non-beneficial. You will know them By The Right Hand of GOD. GOD fill Us With The Spirit Who is full of Desire of Success, I call Him ”The Holy Spirit”. Is through Law we desire to take hold on the domination of our parents and more interesting, our neighbors. There is no Sustainable Success than living in the society which needs your Success to propagate.

As Love that defines everything, We Have To Desire The Same Desire That Others Desires Us, Love is My interest to You All. You Have To Fill What I Fill Unto You, Lets All Succeed In A single Period Of Time. This Is The Time.

Abbas G Ngika, 11:45:59 Monday 10th, February 2014.


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