Emotion Vs Mood

  Laugh.Not always  Is Us Who Have The Thing, Sometimes We Learn From!

      Laugh.. Whoever, Sometimes It’s Really A Challenge To Decide When We Are Both Excited  And Depressed! The Experience Thus, We Laugh Crying!

     Crying...  Perhaps Is The Best Choice When We Are Stressed!

     AmazingBut What Could Come Out From The Hearts Of Our Enemies When We Choose To Be!                

      RunThen, This Could Be A Beautiful Alternative!  

     Crowding  But How Sure We Are That ”The Place We Want Be Is Safer Than The First”?

vlcsnap-2014-06-24-00h55m25s28So, It’s Best To Fix The Problem Within Our Limits!  

Joking GeniusLike Numbers That Do Not Count More Than 9 Without Uniting, We Should Unite If We Want Exceed Our Limit!   

Dog..It’s True That The Most Knowledge You Have Which People Knows, Is That You Are A Living Entity, Determining Your Own Path By Actions Of The Day!     

vlcsnap-2014-05-15-08h51m15s235So, Don’t Walk A Footprint Of Another! That May Be An Oversize/Undersize/Unmatched To Your Life, ‘Cause You Are And Nobody Else Like You!       

X-Men-Face-Transplant--24894There Is No Body You Can Trust To Live For Your Behalf!    

DilemmaOr What Do You Suggest?



                                                   Abbas G Ngika 00:55 PM 29/08/2014.


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