More than A Close Contact

Abbas G Ngika is presently an MD Student at Muhimbili University Of Health And Allied Sciences, MUHAS. MD was the choice, the choice that chosen Him to attend the University. He believed any one Who is filled by love to His Neighbor to a point of Death is justified to fit an MD course and Become not only a Doctor but also a Sociologist.

Mostly He loves scientific jokes, innovation, persuades, and profoundly spiritual connect knowledge. You may think of His face and race; He believes We all share the same physics but different biology. Physics to our physical and biology to our sex, but we’re all Human.

His hearty life need is ‘To Save People’. Through His course, Advices, and curious interaction. He is currently interested to any subject of knowledge but only that is putative and lie in the direction of His understandings.

His is a friend of anyone, Meet Him in e-mail:


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