The Three Laws Of Success

Do we all remember, The Time. The Time when we moved even 2m afar we were caught. The Time when everything we think were dependent. The Time when everyone considered us learners. When we were together with no thought of interest rather than home loving. I mean, The Time when we were babies.

It doesn’t matter how long we spend the journey during that Time, It reached a Time when we become free from a free-fair domination of our parents. Things changed to the extent that our parents are enjoying the course of The Time. The Time when we handle our parent in an approximate the same way as handled us through the free-fair domination.

There is no way our parents can enjoy our domination with us having no success in life. We should have got a Law of success that governs us and acts as a Key To Success. Though we both remember the course we followed during the long way to maturity, we will always retain the desire to take hold in running the life our parents whenever they retires from their domination. Without doubting the past, we have all the reasons to do so. If always we have such a desire ”The Success” will desire us.

If You Think You Can Get It You Have It. This is the first law of success. From being called a baby to a child then a boy/girl then to a man/woman you should have applied this Law before you are called a grandfather/grandmother. The Law comes with strength of achievement when applied earlier in the childhood when we are under five. Schooling with an aim and working with an interest are the strategies to confer the Law.

Making the present think the past a little more than the future success becomes the result. The Time, Past is the Time of preparation with the present being the action and the future the plan. The thing to do is to act on satiety only that the future will supports to Success. This is how the Law works and remains with you in failures. Anything you loose three times you fails, it has no chance to success than that remains with you nine times you fails. That is to say any action you take that resists failures three times than that failed to resist failure three times, is the best solution to take you to the near future before you apply the next. This is the 3X3 principle of success specifically I Offers  Be  Applied. It has more to do with Us All, It has Its Time To Spend Before It ends into Success with a little of chaos.

If You Are Not Afraid Of Challenges GOD Becomes The Best Solution. No success that follows a straight line of no failure but aimed results. There is no way somebody to hold you when you face challenges because him/herself is in the same journey. Only GOD watch our journey and knows whatever action we take to unseen outcomes. You Have To Apply anything but not everything because some are non-beneficial. You will know them By The Right Hand of GOD. GOD fill Us With The Spirit Who is full of Desire of Success, I call Him ”The Holy Spirit”. Is through Law we desire to take hold on the domination of our parents and more interesting, our neighbors. There is no Sustainable Success than living in the society which needs your Success to propagate.

As Love that defines everything, We Have To Desire The Same Desire That Others Desires Us, Love is My interest to You All. You Have To Fill What I Fill Unto You, Lets All Succeed In A single Period Of Time. This Is The Time.

Abbas G Ngika, 11:45:59 Monday 10th, February 2014.


Helminthes Mcqs

1.Man acts as the only host in
a. Strongyloidiasis
b. Trichinosis
c. Enterobiasis
d. Ascariasis
e. Trichiuriasis
2. Dysentery is common in
a. Ascaris lumbricoides
b. Trichinella spilaris
c. Enterobius vermicularis
d. Trichuris trichiura
e. Dracuncularis medinensis
3. Cutaneous larva migrans are all of, except
a. Strongyloides stercolaris
b. Ancylostoma braziliense
c. Ancylostoma caninum
d. Necator americanus
e. None of these
4. Choose the ‘old one out’
a. W.bancrofti
b. B.malayi
c. O.vulvulus
d. M.streptocerca
e. D.medinensis
5. Incorrect pair
a. W.bancrofti—–>Mansonia mosquito
b. D.medinensis—->copepod
c. M.streptocerca–>midge culicoides
d. B.malayi——–>anopheles mosquito
e. O.vulvulus——>simulium blackfly
6. Rectal prolapse is a pathogenesis of
a. T.spiralis
b. T.canis
c. T.cati
d. T.trichiura
e. None of these
7. Ovo-vivipoporous common in
a. Strongyloides stercolaris
b. Trichuris trichiura
c. Trichinella spiralis
d. Enterobius vermicularis
e. Ascaris lumbricoides
8. bipolar plugs, Champagne cork, barrel shaped egg of
a. Ascaris lumbricoides
b. Enterobius vermicularis
c. Strongyloides stercolaris
d. Trichnella spiralis
e. Trchuris trichiura
9. Incorrect order
a. A.lumbricoides——>round worm
b. T.trichiura———>whip worm
c. D.medinensis——–>guinea worm
d. E.vermicularis——>pin worm
e. M.ozzardi———–>hook worm
10. W.bancrofti is associated with
a. Chyluria
b. Hydrocele
c. Elephatiasis of the scrotum
d. All of the above
e. a and b only

11. One commonly doesn’t found in blood
a. L.loa
b. B.malayi
c. W.bancrofti
d. M.ozzardi
e. M.streptocerca
12. Visceral larva migrans are
a. T.caninum
b. T.cati
c. T.canis
c. a and c
d. b and c
e. a,b and c
13. In Tanzania the drug of choice against Onchocerciasis is/are
a. Mebendazole
b. Thiabendazole
c. Ivermectin
d. Albendazole
e. c and d
14. Hyper-infection is associated with
a. T.trichiura
b. S.stercolaris
c. E.vermicularis
d. A.lumbricoides
e. D.medinensis
15.Segmented egg, the egg of
a. Round worm
b. Hook worm
c. Pin worm
d. Guinea worm
d. Whip worm
e. Serpent worm
16.Xenodiagnosis is possible in
a. Trichinosis
b. Ascariasis
c. Trichiuriasis
d. Strongyloidiasis
e. Toxociasis
17.Hyperpigmentation in Onchocerciasis results into
a. Malabar sign
b. Calabar swelling
c. Blindness
d. Lizard skin
e. Nodule formation
18.Calabar swelling
a. L.loa
b. O.vulvulus
c. W.bancrofti
d. B.malayi
e. M.perstans
19.All are true about W.bancrofti except
a. Sheathed
b. Spaced nuclei
c. Countable nuclei
d. Lymphatic filariasis
e. None of these
20.The morphological difference between W.bancrofti and B.malayi is/are
a. Chyluria
b. Hydrocele
c. Sub-terminal nuclei
d. Sheathed
e. Nocturnal periodicity
21.The only one Helminthes with larvae in stool
a. S.stercolaris
b. A.lumbricoides
c. T.trichiura
d. E.vermicularis
e. T.spiralis
22.Parthenogenesis associated with
a. S.stercolaris
b. A.lumbricoides
c. T.trichiura
d. E.vermicularis
e. T.spiralis
23.Egg in stool uncommon in
a. Trichinosis
b. Enterobiasis
c. Ascariasis
d. Strongylodiasis
e. Ancylostomiasis
24.Flattened on one side egg of
a. A.lumbricoides
b. A.duodenale
c. T.trichiura
d. T.spiralis
e. E.vermicularis
25. Incorrect order
a. Loa loa——–>chrysops
b. D.medinensis—>cyclops
c. M.ozzardi——>culicoides
d. O.vulvulus—–>simulium
e. M.timori——->aedes

Answers: 1.c 2.d 3.d 4.e 5.a 6.d 7.a 8.e 9.e 10.c 11.e 12.d 13.e 14. b 15.b 16.a 17.d 18.a 19.e 20.c 21.a 22.a 23.b 24.e 25.e

Virology Mcqs

1. Picornaviruses are

a. Small virus of about 28-30nm

b. Icosahedral capsid virus

c. Non-enveloped

d. +ve sense, ssRNA

e. All of the above

2. Two clinical  important groups of picornaviruses are

a. Coxsakieviruses

b. Rhinoviruses

c. Enteroviruses

d. a and b

e. b and c

3. One is Incorrect about Enteroviruses

a. Coxsakieviruses serotype A=1-22 and 24

b. Polioviruses serotype 1-3

c. Coxsakieviruses serotype B=1-6

d. Enteroviruses serotype 68-71

e. Echoviruses serotype 1-34 excluding 10,21 and 24.

4. Incorrect sequence is

a. Enteroviruses———–37’c optimum growth temp

b. Enteroviruses———–acid labile

c. Rhinoviruses———–33’c optimum growth temp

d. Hepangina————-Coxsakievirus serotype A

e. Rhinoviruses———-more than 100 serotype

5. The most pathogenic poliovirus serotype is

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. 4

e. 5

6. Most notable pathogenesis of Coxsakievirus serotype B

a. Aseptic pneumonia

b. Hepangina

c. Aseptic meningitis

d. Poliomyelitis

e. Acute hemorrhagic conjuctivitis

7. Polio vaccine that induce local and sysemic immunity is

a. OPV

b. IPV

c. MMR

d. a and b

e.  Non of these

8. New enteroviruses are serotype

a. 6-22

b. 68-71

c. 1-6

d. 34-70

e. 70-71

9. Potent pathogenic enterovirus serotype

a. 68

b. 69

c. 70

d. 71

e. All of these

10. Causative agent of the Acute Hemorrhagic conjuctivitis epidermic in 1969-1974

a. Enterovirus serotype 70

b. Coxsakievirus serotype A

c. Coxsakievirus serotype B=1-6

d. Enterrovirus serotype 68-71

e. None of these

11. One is false about echoviruses

a. They are human Orphan viruses

b. More than 30 serotypes are known

c. May cause Aseptic meningitis and / Acute hemorrhagic conjuctivitis

d. Heat labile viruses

e. Acid satable viruses






Answers: 1.e 2.e 3.e 4.b 5.b 6.c 7.a 8.b 9.d 10.a 11. d

Beside The Fruit Of Wicked Faith

Not all of Us hope for the new experience that is not physical, untouchable perception rather hope for only that they have today and remember the past. Though of limitation the Human brain is of natural power to  imagine the past ‘even before the person were not a living’. The brain have power to make you think of immortality and mortality. One, through this humbly power can imagine and theorize the universe and even the origin of life.

You’re what your brain think, fool brain make us fool and innutritious. Evolution is one of the thing ‘The Fruit Of Wicked Faith’ turning the truth up-side down. Evolution, groups life origin and one being RNA world and the other DNA world which is based through intuitive imagination of the so called ‘Primitive Earth’.

Today life is coined from bacteria (prokaryotes)—->eukaryotes, with a concern to virions. Life is an interesting challenge in the physical world. Prions, the proteins with no any detectable nucleic acid (RNA/DNA) but able to cause diseases is one of the profoundest challenge of the above theory. Simply, Life to Humans will always end up with a concern to GOD, Who created the system to run under the programed sequence HE set it before the Human mind were not mind.

Basically, foolishness arose from this inequality among those believing that they are alive beside the Fruit Of Wicked Faith and not because of the CREATOR, GOD. “Some become fools, through their rebellious ways and suffered affliction because of their iniquities”. Psalm 107:17.

In the physical world I couldn’t be attracted to study science if it couldn’t teach me it’s failure.

“Senseless people do not know, fools do not understand, that though the wicked spring up like grass and all evildoers flourish, they will be scattered”. Psalm 92:6-7.

“Fools says in their haerts, “There is no God”. They are corrupt, their ways are vile; there is no one who does good”. Psalm 14:1.

“Take notice, you senseless ones among the people; you fools, when will you become wise?” Psalm 94:8.

“Like the useless legs of one who is lame is a proverb in the mouth of a fool”. Psalm 26:7.

“For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God, for it is written: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate”. 1Corinthians 1:18-19.

There is no Science, than the Science of Knowing GOD, THE CREATOR.

Abbas Godian, 11:57 AM Sunday 23th Dec, 2013.

Microbiology Mcqs. Version B

1. Causative agent of post partum fever is

a. M.pneumoniae


c. U.urealyticum

d. M.genitalium

e. None of the above

2. All are characteristics of Mycoplasma except

a. Pleomorphic

b. No cell wall

c. Smallest bacteria able to pass 200-450nm pores

d. Able to grow on cell free media

e.None of the above

3. Unlike Mycoplasma, L-form bacteria is/are

a. Able to revert to parental form

b. Complete resistance to penicillin

c. 15-30% gelatin or 2.5% agar in growth media enhance revertion

d. Affinity to mammalian cell membrane

e. a and c

4. Is the stain of choice for Mycoplasma staining

a. ZN stain

b. Gram stain

c. Auramine-rhodamine stain

d. Giemsa stain

e. None of the above

5. All Mycoplasma are facultative anaerobes except

a. M.hominis

b. M.pneumoniae

c. U.urealyticum

d. M.genitalium

e. a and c

6.In qn.5 above, the organism is

a. Anaerobe

b. Aerobe

c. Strictly aerobe

d. Strictly anaerobe

e. Capnophilic

7. After 2-6 days of incubation Mycoplasma colonies appears to be

a. Freid-egg

b. Segmented

c. Mucoid

d. All the above

e. None of the above

8. L-form bacteria results from

a. Spontaneous mutation

b. Enzymatic digestions

c. Effect of chemicals

d. All of the above

e. None of the above

9. One is most likely to result into L-form bacteria

a. Erythromycin

b. Rifampin

c. Penicillin

d. Gentamycin

e. Sulphonamide

10. L-form of Gram negative bacteria

a. Protoplast

b. Spheroplast

c. Cycloplast

d. Amphiloplast

e. None of the above

11. All are fungal characteristics except

a. Unicellular or multicellular

b. Cytoplasm contains ergosterol

c. Cell wall contains chitin

d. Nuclear membrane with haploid chromosome

e. Reproduce either sexually, asexually or both

12. Simplest fungus

a. Yeast

b. Mucor

c. Rhizoid

d. a and c

e. None of the above

13.Tangled mass of hyphae

a. Mycelium

b. Septate

c. Aseptate

d. All of these

e. Either of these

14. One is a dimorphic fungus

a. Cryptococcus neoformans

b. Mucor

c. Rhizoid

d. Candida albicans

e. Mushroom

15. Deuteromycetes

a. Fungi with unknown sexual phases

b. Fungi imperfectii

c. Are molds as well as yeast

d. All of the above

e.  a and b

16. Dermatophytes

a. Trichophyton

b. Microsporum

c. Epidermophyton

d. All of these

e. Only a and b

17. Choose the old one out

a. Basidiospore

b. Ascospore

c. Zygospore

d. Chlamydospore

e. None of the above

18. All are asexual reproduced by fungi except

a. Blastospore

b. Arthrospore

c. Chlamydospore

d. Ascospore

e. None of the above

19. Microconidia are predominant in

a. Trichophyton

b. Epidermophyton

c. Microsporum

d. b and c

e. None of the above

20. Macroconidia are predominant in

a. Trichophyton

b. Epidermophyton

c. Microsporum

d. a and b

e. None of the above

21. Macroconidia are club shaped in

a. Trichophyton

b. Epidermophyton

c. Microsporum

d. All of the above

e. Neither of the above

22. Pityriasis versicolor is caused by

a. T.capitis

b. T.cruri

c. M.furfur

d. C.neoformans

e. P.immitis

23. Discoverer of penicillin in 1928

a. Abbas G. Ngika

b. A. Einstein

c. A. Bradford Hill

d. Alexander Fleming

e. None of these

24. Penicillin producing fungi

a. P.immitis

b. P.verrucosa

c. P.mameffei

d. P.braziliensis

e. P.notatum

25. Incorrect order

a. T.capitis—scalp

b. T.cruris—groin

c. T.barbae—beard

d. T.pedis—smooth skin

e. T.unguium—nail

26. Staphylococcus aureus

a. Coagulase +ve

b. Beta haemolytic

c. Resembles S.saprophyticus by resisting Novobiocin

d. a and b

e. All of the above

27. S.saprophyticus is not all of the following except

a. Coagulase -ve

b. DNAse +ve

c. Mannitol fermentation

d. Phosphotase +ve

e. Novobiocin sensitivity

28. All deferentiates S.aureus from S.epidermidis except

a. Coagulase

b. DNAse

c. Mannitol fermentation

d. Phosphatase

e. None of the above

29. MRSA

a. M stands for Methoxazole

b. Currently, the drug of choice is Penicillin G

c. Associated with S.epidermidis

d. Beta lactamase is the case

e.  a and d

30. SSSS

a. Staphylococcal Scarlet Skin Syndrome

b. Exfolitive toxin produced by S.aureus is responsible

c. A skin disease of inner epidermis

d. A skin resemles Scalding

e. All of the above

31. All are extracellular virulence factors of Staphylococci except

a. Coagulase

b. Catalase

c. Teichoic acid

d. Hyaluronidase

e. DNAse

32. Spread factor of S.aureus

a. Catalase

b. Hyaluronidase

c. Coagulase

d. DNAse

e. Phosphatase

33. Staphylococci are

a. Facultative/obligate anaerobes

b. Motile

c. Gram -ve cocci in chain or pair

d. Catalase -ve

e. a and c

34. Enteroccoci are

a. Able to grow in high salt (6.5%) salt concentration

b. Lancefield group B

c. Dies rapidly at 40’c temp.

d. Methylene blue or bile-esculin hinder growth

e. All of the above

35.  All are true about streptococci except

a. Beta,alpha or gamma haemolytic

b. Rebecca Lancefield formed criteria for classifiation

c. M-protein is the major virulence factor especially for Group B S.pyogenes

d. Oftern there are 22 lancefield groups

e. None of the above

36.One is incorrect

a. Streptokinase—human plasminogen to plasmin

b. Erythrogenic toxin—TSS and scarlet fever

c. Streptodornase—polymerises DNA

d. Diphosphopyridine nucleotidase—kills leucocytes

e. None of the above

37. Lancefield group B

a. S.pyogenes

b. Hippurate hydrolysis

c. PYR +ve

d. Susceptible to bacitracin

e. None of the above

38. CAMP test

a. Christie,Arkin,Munch-Peterson

b. Four scientists discovery

c. Enterococci shows a positive result

d. All of the above

e. None of the above

39. E.faecalis

a. Normal enteric flora

b. Lancefield D

c. PYR +ve

d. Aesculin +ve

e. All of the above

40. One is the most great coonizer of the human vagina

a. Lactobacilli

b. S.agalactiae

c. S.gonorrhoea

d. G.vaginaalis

e. All of the above

41. Boundary between virus and bacteria is formed by

a. Rickettsia

b. Chlamydia

c. Mycolasma

d. Actinomycete

e. All of the above

42. Boundary between fungi and bacteria is formed by

a. Actinomycete

b. Dermatophyte

c. Rickettsia

d. Chlamydia

e. None of the above

42.The organism in qn.42 above resembles fungi by

a. Hyphae

b. DNA/RNA possession

c. Prokaryotic cell wall

d. Penicillin susceptibility

e. All of the above

43. The organism in qn.42 resembles bacteria by

a. Prokaryotic cell wall

b. DNA/RNA possession

c. Hyphae

d. Infection resemblance

e. None of the above

44. Pulex irritans, a flea associated with

a. Bubonic

b. Tonsillar and pneumonic

c. Pneumonic

d. Septicaemia

e. b and d

45. The chancroid (soft chancre) can be associated with all but

a. Herpes simple infection

b. Lymphogranulomatous venereum

c. Syphilis

d. Ducrey’s bacilli

e. None of the above

Dr. Abbas G. Ngika accounted a patient complaining from a chronic suppurative-granulomatous disease of the cervico-facial region. In the laboratory the doctor examined the pus from the lesion of the patient by carrying Gram stain and ZN stain. He observed a filamentous, Gram +ve bacilli microbe killed rapidly under excess oxygen. ( Answer qn.46-50, depending this clinical case).

46. The disease suspected by the doctor was

a. Nocardiosis

b. Mycetoma

c. Actinomycosis

d. Mucocutaneous Candidiasis

e. Normal flora lesion

47. The species mostly likely to be accounted by Dr. Ngika was

a. A.israelii

b. A.bovis

c. A.viscosus

d. A.naeslundii

e. N.braziliensis

47. Why the doctor carried out ZN staining

a. suspect an acid fast microbe

b. Check whether Nocardia was present

c. Look for an anerobic organism

d. An alternative to absence of further lab. reagents

e. a and b

48. The doctor was also able to culture the organism in

a. Corn Meal Agar

b. Sabouraud’s Dexytrose Agar

c. Thiogycolate medium

d. Thiosulfate-Citrate-Bile-Sucrose Agar

e.  a and b

49. The drug of chosen by the doctor is likely to be

a. Penicillin G for 3-4 weeks

b. Trimethoprim and sulfomethoxazole for more rapidly cure

c. Rifampin

d. a and b

e. Topical Azole

50. Under your microbiology knowledge, the other related organism(s) to the above clinical case is/are

a. Actinomycetes

b. Nocardia

c. Streptomycete

d. All of the above

e. Only b and c

Answers: 1.b 2.e 3.e 4.d 5.b 6.c 7.a 8.d 9.c 10.b 11.d 12.a 13.a 14.d 15.d 16.d 17.d 18.d 19.b 20.b 21.b 22.c 23.d. 24.e 25.d 26.d 27.a 28.d 29.d 30.d 31.c 32.b 33.a 34.a 35.c 36.e 37.b. 38.a 39.e 40.a 41.b 42.a 43.a 44.c 45.c 46.a 47.e 48.c 49.d 50.e

Life As I see

Life is an exceptionally excel of all what has the capacity to appraise and react against the environment. Though life never revert after perish in the physical world, Life revert in the spiritual sphere. Life could never necessarily means the biological characteristics of the living organism rather the ‘Capacity of the creature to isolate itself from what doesn’t have had life’. I mean to be living you need to know what does not live. If life is eating, respiring, moving, and irritability ‘what do we say to the forms of life such as pupa of insect which doesn’t eat or bacterial spores/elementary bodies that are either biologically inactive but infective’.

Life is defined at the level of personal understanding. We may define what’s life at the mid of our ignorance and intelligence, I mean at our reasoning capacity. No head knows not only what is life but also what’s the origin of the earth. This however and specifically has no sense if all the questions are answered by giving ‘GOD’ be the origin of both the earth and Life.

Life is what you do in a day and never end when you leave the earth. One may ask how do we know ‘Life after death?’ without asking him/herself ‘how do we sure we were alive before birth?’. GOD is the only one to answer all of the question.

If death is the inverse of life, how their related. Are they directly or indirectly proportionally related?. If you ask such question you are confused ‘of poor brain’ since life is what you perceive the environment. If your brain is able to think that the universe contain environment that you may sense or react toward, you’re able to acquire spiritual knowledge ‘of the coming environment after the earth’.

Birth is the portal of entry into the earth but death is the portal of entry into external life. You need none about worry, suicide, and evil-think but only holy faith that ‘GOD CAN’. If life is when I’m able to react to the environment, then is the  ‘Most accurate definition of Life I’m convinced to assimilate’. You never know if I know but I know We know, Is what I can tell you.

Give GOD all your Life, Is WHOM HE CAN. HE CAN define your life, solve your ambiguity and guide you enter the most unbelievable HEAVENLY KINGDOM that comes.

Abbas G. Ngika, 1:54:30AM Sunday, 1 December, 2013.

Vigorously Genius Thinks.